Medicare Supplement plan M is one of the ten standardized supplemental plans on the market you can purchase. Just like Plans K and L, plan M is also a type of cost-sharing plan which means that it covers some of the services but not at 100% percent.  Among these 3 plans, M can be considered as most extensive because the only thing that Plan M covers 50% is the Part A deductible. 

Medicare Supplement Plan M coverage 

Benefits that Medicare enrollees get with Plan M are:

  • 100% of Part A coinsurance and hospital costs for additional 365 days after Medicare benefits are dried out 
  • 100% of Part B coinsurance or copay 
  • 100% of the first three blood prints for a medical procedure
  • 100% of Part A coinsurance for hospice care 
  • 100% of skilled nursing facility care coinsurance 
  • 50% of Part A deductible 
  • 100% Medicare part B preventive care coinsurance 
  • Foreign travel emergency cases 

However, Medigap Plan M doesn’t cover Part B deductible and Part B  excess charges. 

Medigap Plan M costs

The first thing that every Medicare beneficiary is responsible for is a monthly premium which can be up to 200$.  Because this is a cost-sharing plan so you will have to pay 50%  of your hospital deductible. The maximum out-of-pocket cost for this plan is 6620$ so after you reach this limit and your yearly  Part B deductible your Medicare Supplement plan must cover the rest of the cost in full. 

Medicare Supplement Plan M Enrollment Period

Every Medicare Supplement plan, which includes Plan M, has an open enrollment period that begins when you are over 65 and enrolled in Part B. If you enroll during this time you cannot be denied based on pre-existing health conditions which mean you don’t have to answer any healthcare questions to be accepted. 

If you don’t enroll during this time, you can do it any other time of the year but you will have to pass medical underwritting.