Medicare Part A Deductible

A deductible is an amount you pay on yearly basis for covered medical services before Medicare bounce into cost-sharing. Once the deductible amount is satisfied, you will be left with paying copayments and coinsurances only, and the rest of the costs will be covered by Medicare. Copayments are a fixed amount you pay for covered medical services after the deductible is met. Coinsurance is the percentage of the costs of a covered medical service you pay after the deductible is met. 

Both Part A and Part B of Medicare have their deductibles. As for Medicare Advantage, some plans do have deductibles, others do not, it depends on the plan you are enrolled in. In this blog, we will breakdown Medicare Part A deductible.

Part A Deductible

Medicare Part A covers certain hospitalization costs, including inpatient care in a hospital, skilled nursing facility care, hospice, and home health care. It is generally known as hospital insurance. 

In 2023, the deductible for Medicare Part A for inpatient hospital services is $1600. Compared to 2022, it is an increase of $44 in the amount of deductible. Part A deductible is not on an annual basis, it is applied for each benefit period. The benefit period starts when you are admitted to the hospital and ends when you have been discharged for 60 consecutive days. So, Part A beneficiaries have multiple benefit periods during the year, each of them requiring payment of the deductible. In an exemplary situation, Medicare deductible for Part A covers your share of the costs for the first 60 days of Medicare-covered inpatient hospital stay, and from the 61st day on you are starting to pay coinsurance costs.

There is a possibility that you will not be required to pay Part A deductible if you enroll in a Medicare supplement plan. Medicare Supplement plan helps you with paying some out-of-pocket costs, with Part A deductible included. But have in mind that not every Medicare Supplement plan has that benefit inside them. In general, Medigap plan A, B, D, G, and N have the benefit of coverage for Part A deductible. But because these plans vary from state to state, you should check it with the concrete insurance carrier you want to buy a policy from.

Costs of hospital stays

Costs differ depending on the length of your inpatient hospital stay. From day 1 to day 60 of the hospital stay you will pay 0$ per day. Starting from day 61 to day 90, every day as an inpatient will cost you  $400 per day. If you stay admitted longer than 90 days, your payment will be $800 per day.

Part A No Deductible Services

Not every medical service covered under Medicare Part A has a deductible applied. Some of the services Medicare covers in full. Hospice care and Home health care fall under this exception. In the case of hospice care, there is no deductible, you only pay minimal costs for medications and respite care. Home health care also doesn`t have a deductible, as long as the eligibility criteria for coverage are met.

Part A Lifetime Reserve Days

Medicare Part A covers an unlimited number of benefit periods, and it helps pay for up to 90 days of care for each benefit period. After 90 days, it is possible to enter into lifetime reserve days. You have 60 extra covered days in your account that you can use over your entire life. Lifetime reserve days may be applied to more than one benefit period, but each day may be used only once.

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