Preventive Care

What preventive care is covered by Medicare?

What Is Preventive Care?

Preventive care or preventive services are health and medical services provided to prevent certain health conditions or diseases that will help people live healthier lives through early detection, management, and guidance. 

Preventive services can include: 

  • Shots
  • Health screenings
  • Lab exams
  • Doctors visits
  • X-ray services or other preventive health services

Preventive services allow individuals the chance to catch a disease or other medical conditions before they become critical. Medicare covers a vast array of preventive care services, depending on the Medicare plan you have. 

Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Preventive Coverage

Original Medicare is the Medicare you receive through the government. Individuals also have the opportunity to purchase Medicare through private insurance, which is known as Medicare Advantage. Those who receive Medicare Advantage may have different preventive care options. Medicare Part B is the area of Medicare that provides preventive services. If you go outside your provider network or specific plan, you may pay additional copays or deductibles. It is essential to speak to your Medicare Advantage Plan insurance company to ask how their coverage varies from the primary preventive care provided by Original Medicare. 

Wellness Visits Covered by Medicare Preventive Services:

Over the first 12 months, you are covered under Medicare Part B. You are eligible for a “Welcome to Medicare” preventive care visit. During this visit, you will review your health and receive counseling on preventive services you may need. This first wellness visit will allow you the opportunity to learn more about Medicare’s preventive services. After your first year with Medicare Part B, you can have one yearly wellness visit to keep up to date on any shots. 

After your first year receiving Medicare Part B, you will have one “Annual Wellness Visit.” This annual wellness visit will keep you up to date on your current health needs, and look at what screenings, shots, or other preventive services you may need. 

Costs of Medicare Part B

If you opt for Medicare Part B to cover your preventive services, you must understand your out-of-pocket costs. As of 2020, Part B’s premium is $144.60, with a deductible of $198. These costs usually change every year. You will also be charged 20% of the costs of care that Part B covers. 

If you are unsure if a Medicare Advantage Plan or Part B is best to cover the preventive services you need, Temmen Insurance will give you all the information you need to make an educated decision. If you have any questions, give Temmen Insurance Inc. a call at 417-633-7200. 

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