Medicare Part D

What Happens If I Don’t Have Medicare Part D

Medicare provides all types of healthcare coverage, but Medicare Part D covers your prescription drug needs. This plan covers drugs of all types, including generic and brand-name drugs. 

Everyone with Medicare Parts A and B are qualified to enroll in Medicare Part D. However, it is optional. You can either enroll in Part D through a standalone plan or enroll in it through a Medicare Advantage Plan.

What Happens If I Don’t get Medicare Part D?

You are first eligible to enroll in Medicare Part D during the Initial Enrollment Period. This period starts three months before you turn 65 and ends three months after you turn 65. If you do not enroll in Part D during this period but choose to later on, you will likely pay a late enrollment penalty. You will have to pay this penalty as long as you are associated with the Medicare health plan. The cost of the late penalty depends on how long you went without having Part D.

How to Avoid the Late Enrollment Penalty

The simplest way to avoid the late enrollment penalty if you do not already have drug coverage is to enroll during the Initial Enrollment Period. If you join a Medicare Part D plan, even if you do not currently need drug coverage, you can avoid the late enrollment penalty and secure coverage for potential costs in the future. 

Suppose you currently have prescription drug coverage through another health insurance program. In that case, you can also avoid the late enrollment penalty if you choose to switch to a Part D plan. You will be allowed to enroll in Part D outside of the Initial Enrollment Period.


While Medicare Part D is optional, you should highly consider enrolling. Delaying enrollment in Medicare Part D will result in permanent late enrollment penalties that apply to your monthly payment when you choose to enroll.

Not only is avoiding late enrollment penalties a good reason, but it can also help you secure more coverage for your prescription drug costs.

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