Medicare coverage for cancer patients

What does Medicare cover for cancer patients?

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and are unsure how Medicare will cover costs related to treatments or other services, you are not alone. Temmen Insurance will ensure that you understand all your coverage options. 

Part A Coverage

Medicare Part A covers inpatient hospital stays, including the cancer treatment you receive while in the hospital. Some clinical research studies may be covered as long as you are an inpatient. Part A also covers surgically-implanted breast prostheses after a mastectomy if you are an inpatient.

Part B Coverage

Medicare Part B covers the outpatient treatment you receive for your cancer. Many medically-necessary cancer-related services are also covered, as well as preventive and screening services for people with a risk for cancer. Second opinions for surgeries are also covered, and a third may be covered if the first two differ.

Part B covers doctor’s visits. Chemotherapy drugs administered through your vein in an outpatient office are covered, as well as some oral chemotherapy treatments and radiation therapy at outpatient clinics. X-rays and CT scans are covered as well as durable medical equipment, such as wheelchairs and walkers. 

Outpatient surgeries and mental health treatment are covered under Part B, as is nutritional counseling for those with diabetes or kidney disease. Suppose you can’t take food by mouth or can’t absorb nutrition through your intestinal tract. In that case, Part B will cover an enteral nutrition supplement as a form of durable medical equipment.

Part C Coverage

Part C must provide the same coverage as Parts A and B, such as surgeries, durable medical equipment, and treatment. However, keep in mind that some Medicare Advantage Plans may offer additional benefits, like prescription drug coverage. 

Some Medicare Advantage Plans may also require you to receive services from providers within their specific network. Before choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan, make sure to review the plan’s policy.

Part D Coverage

Part D prescription drug plans will cover anti-nausea drugs, prescription drugs taken for chemotherapy, and pain medication taken as part of your cancer treatment.

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