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What Can a Smartphone Do for You?

Cell Phones are a necessary part of our world. This change has been relatively recent in the grand scheme of things, but there is no doubt that the technological explosion has left many people with a misconception that operating technology efficiently requires a college degree.

This is a disillusion that I can dispel as someone who has helped many people learn to use their phones effectively. This year Pew Research showed that 85% of seniors have a cell phone, and 46% have smartphones.

Unfortunately, most of that 46% only know how to call, text, and maybe use a couple of apps, and have no idea of the other functions available to them.

I want to share only a couple of ways a cell phone can assist you in your day-to-day activities, from answering the mundane questions all the way to potentially saving your life.

Know Your Device

The main issue that I ran into when I was a tech specialist with one of the largest cell phone providers in the country was folks simply did not know what they have. A cell phone can be one of your biggest investments, and just like any other large purchase, you should know what value you can gain from it. I always suggest a child or a grandchild for this because they are readily available tech resources when you need them. Know whether your phone is Apple or Android. Write down and know your passwords and usernames. This will help you with frustration when visiting a store or getting help from family to either upgrade your device or solve a technical issue.

Activate Your Voice Command Features

One of the biggest fears that people have is slipping and falling. The fear of being immobilized and unable to get any help is terrifying for older individuals and their families. These useful features allow you to speak to your idle phone and ask it to perform certain commands. I used to tell people this all the time, and it makes having an expensive device worth it for peace of mind for everyone.

Voice Command features are easily accessible and will allow emergency calls even if the phone is inaccessible. So, make sure to try to keep your phone nearby and have your “Hey Siri” or “Hey Bixbi” features activated and programmed to your voice. Not only can you search the internet instantly for answers keeping joint pain in the hands at bay, but you would also have the ability to make a phone call in a scary situation.

Contemporary Senior Man Using Smartphone in Cafe
Most Seniors only know how to call, text.

I can understand the apprehensive attitude toward devices that cost upward of $1000. Still, the value you gain from having a premium device can prove invaluable to your daily quality of living.

Its many features allow you to have applications that promote brain function (Words with Friends. Right?), allow social interaction with family, and give peace of mind to you and your family, knowing that as long as that device is close, helps is never far away.

There is no reason to not be utilizing the full functionality of your phone. There may be a small learning curve, but with a little practice, you will be zooming around in no time!

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